Visual Monitoring with the Help of LabVIEW Temperature Measurement and Led Indicators

LabVIEW Measurement Control Applications

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Purpose of the application: Introducing the use of DAQ cards for those using the Labview program, temperature measurement with the help of a DAQ card - temperature data collection and preparation of the software to automatically light up with the help of led indicators in the meaningful order specified before.

Used materials;
DAQ Card (VTK 1050 - Analog Input Card)
Temperature Sensor
5V Supply
Cables for necessary connections.
DAQ card (VTK HS DIO- Digital Input/Output)
8 Led Indicator

Computer Based Temperature Monitoring and led indicator with Labview
Analog input card - digital input and output card with temperature monitoring and led indicator,
Data collection software with open source codes,
Collecting temperature data with data collection card, making visual follow-up with led indicators,
Data Acquisition Card- Data Acquisition Module
Follow our guidance below to take temperature readings with,
The software in the front panel Block Diagram will be as follows;

Details of the materials used,
Click here for the features of the VTK 1050 ('Ludre Yazılım' Domestic Production data collection card) product.
One Temperature Sensor 
5V Supply,
The sensor is fed.
Click here for the features of the VTK HS DIO ('Ludre Yazılım' Domestic Production Data Collection Card) product.
8 Led Indicator

Connection diagram of LED indicator-DAQ card.
By removing the terminals on the data acquisition card, the led indicator is connected directly.
Sensor-DAQ board wiring diagram.