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Ludre Software was established by Serdar Bölükbaşıoğlu in 2008 with the aim of "developing more economical systems with the same quality instead of test measuring devices imported from abroad". Our company complies with international standarts;

  • Customer-Specific Software and Solutions

  • Electronic Board Design - Continuous Product Development

  • Battery Management Systems

  • Data Acquisition Analysis Systems
  • Closed Bomb Test Systems

  • LabVIEW Software Education

  • Industrial Lighting Systems

  • Machine Vision Systems

  • It provides services in the fields of bioreactor control and monitoring systems.

At the same time, our company carries out the turnkey installation and user trainings of projects and R&D studies in this field.

Our company; In line with its mission, it has started to develop its own products since 2010.Computer-based data acquisition and control systems were developed by our company for the first time in Turkey. The products we develop and the projects we undertake;

  • Design

  • Procurement

  • Production

  • Software

  • Education

  • Post Delivery Support

All of the stages are done by our company. Our company, which has brought more than 20 products to the market to date, continues its sales and support activities for these products.

In the "Domestic Turbojet Engine" project that the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry signed with 'Kale Ar-Ge' in 2012, our company continues to support 'Kale Ar-Ge' from the beginning of the project.

By performing the software and automation of the "Closed Bomb Test System" in the 'Makina Kimya Endüstirisi Kurumu', the system, which would be very expensive, was designed and installed at the most affordable cost and the same quality. In another project, our company has subcontracted the project within the scope of TAI's “Original Helicopter Program Generator Test Stand” project.

Our company is the only company that produces industrial lighting and machine vision systems in Turkey. These lighting systems are used both in private companies that make machine vision projects and in our own projects. In this direction, our company has designed many different industrial lighting systems in more than 100 projects over the years.



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