Stepper Motor Control - Full Step

LabVIEW Digital Applications

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Purpose of the application: Introducing the use of DAQ cards for those using the LabVIEW program, preparation of stepper motor control software with the help of a DAQ card.

Used Materials,
DAQ Card (VTK HS DIO- Digital Input/Output)
LabVIEW Digital Training Set Stepper Motor Application Module
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor Driver
9V Supply

Labview Stepper Motor Control
Driving stepper motor with digital input-output card.
Stepper motor control software with open source codes.
Stepper motor control with data acquisition card.
Data Acquisition Card - Data Acquisition Module
Follow our guidance below to make a stepper motor control application with,
LabVIEW stepper motor control application Front Panel and Block Diagram screenshot will be as follows;

Details of the materials used,
Click here for the features of the VTK HS DIO ('Ludre Yazılım' Domestic Production Data Collection Card) product.

One Stepper Motor


Stepper Motor Driver,
The motor driver enables the stepper motor to be driven with the signals coming from the DAQ card.
DAQ Card and driver circuit wiring diagram.