Magnetic Field Detection

LabVIEW Digital Applications

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Purpose of the application: Introducing the use of DAQ cards for those using the LabVIEW program, preparation of magnetic field detection sample software with the help of a DAQ card.  Creating a digital input and output sample. 
*Some of the training sets may have a hall effect magnetic sensor. In this case, the sensor switches on and off each time it detects a magnetic field, while other magnetic field sensors generate a signal in the presence of a magnetic field.

Used Materials,
LabVIEW Digital Education Magnetic Field Detection Module (module content is as follows)

DAQ Card (VTK HS DIO- Digital Input/Output)
Magnetic Field Detection Sensor
5 mm Led

Computer Based Digital Signal Input-Output with LabVIEW
Making signal input-output application with digital input-output card.
Magnetic field detection application with open source codes.
Example of magnetic field detection with data acquisition card.
Data Acquisition Card - Data Acquisition Module
Follow our guidance below to apply magnetic field detection with,
The Block Diagram screenshot of the application will be as follows;

Magnetic Field Detection Sensor (on-off)
Magnetic Field Sensor-DAQ card wiring diagram.

Digital Output
The magnetic field sensor gives a digital signal. So it is an example of digital input application. In addition, a software such as the following can be made to give digital output.