Attention Test-Measuring Response Time With For Loop and While Loop Loops

LabVIEW Digital Applications

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Pushbutton - Attention Test - Reaction Time Measurement App
Purpose of the application: To introduce the use of DAQ cards for those who use the LabVIEW program, Preparation of the software of the digital signal reading sample with the help of a DAQ card.

Used materials;
DAQ Card (VTK HSDIO - Digital Input/Output)  
Cables for necessary connections

Computer Based Digital Signal Input with LabVIEW
Signal reading with digital input-output card.
Signal reading software with open source codes.
Example of signal reading with data acquisition card.
Data Acquisition Card - Data Acquisition Module
Follow our guidance below to read a signal with,
Digital Input (Data collection) application Front panel and Block Diagram screenshot will be as follows;

Details of the materials used,
Click here for the features of the VTK HS DIO (Ludre Software Domestic Production Data Collection Card) product.


Pushbutton - DAQ board (Data acquisition board) wiring diagram.